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We want the best local CCTV installers to partner with us and be the go-to company for your area. If this is you then it's time to sign up!

Find an area near you and become the local CCTV Systems Group installer for your town. Get more CCTV jobs for under £50 a week.


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Find your local area or an area which you are able to service as a CCTV installation company and select it. Once you've signed up we will add your details to the location page so that all the CCTV jobs & enquiries for the area come directly to you.

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A Bit About You...

As a CCTV Systems Group local installer you will be an established business who is familiar with the workings of CCTV jobs, installing cables, setting up cameras and equipment and working in and around a customer's property.

You'll also be proficient with customer service, issuing quotes, be punctual and have confidence in the installation of jobs from start to finish.


When a new installer joins us the first thing we do is check that their insurances are up to date, they are an existing business and we he offer help with branding, marketing and anything else that will ensure that you are successful from the very beginning.


You'll need tools, transport and a strong understanding of CCTV equipment, so it's often best if you are already a security installer, electrician, aerial installer or another similar trade who has experience in your industry.


Our team of installation experts install genuine Hikvision equipment which is provided at significantly discounted rates.


We are here to help and if our installers have any difficulties with regards the installation of any equipment for a customer we will always seek to assist them.


You'll also need public liability insurance, no criminal record and the right to work in the UK. As part of the setup process we will check that you conform to these requirements and that you are suitable to be part of the CCTV Systems Group network of installers.


If you require business insurance or are looking for a better deal, try:

AXA Business Insurance


Does this sound like a good fit for you?

If our service sounds like something which will compliment your existing business then it's probably time to check if your local area is available - If it is then you can sign up today and start making considerable extra income by becoming your area's local CCTV champion with CCTV Systems Group - The number 1 premium CCTV company established since 1989.


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Expand your business or start a new one. We'll help you succeed.
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